Delivery of cargoes of 30 and more kg from Europe and China to Russia
we make logistics profitable, easy and safe


Maritime freight


Railway Freight Transport

The transportation of modular cargo and containers from China in 16 days

Modularcargoes from Europe through 3 consolidated warehouses in Germany, Lithuania and Poland


International Road Carriage

The optimal way of cantainers and large cargoes delivery

The rapidest decision for your business


Declare on ourselves

Our specialists provide quick and qualified declaring of transported goods, carry out complex customs accomponiment of external economic contracts

Comprehensive service

Our provided services are built in a way: the more services you pass us to carry out, the more time you devote to your business.

We gurantee an individual approach and an attached manager.

Warhause complex in Europe

Storehouses are implied not only for storage.We consolidate, scrutinize invoice order, formalize accompaning documents (EX, CMR, TIR) and check out the quality.

3 warehouses in Europe (Germany, Lithuania and Poland) let us promtly deliver freights from any part of EU to Russia and vice versa.