Modular cargo

The complex of services in the process of freight delivery

  • The opportunity to order delivery of a modular cargo from any part of Europe. Besides, we organize a modular cargo delivery from China, South-East Asia and the USA via the network of European terminals

  • The preparation of a modular cargo to be delivere to Europe (supplimentary pacckage of cargo, consolidation and deconsolidation, labeling, palletizing)

  • If necessary and on preliminary consention, we offer our clints services on customs clearence of modular cargo in Europe authorized by companies-partners

  • Assuarance of cargo by the will of a client with application of preferential corporate tarrifs, simplified document circulation, and gurantee of reparation

  • The full formalization of transport and commercial documents in case of groupage freight transfer from Europe (carnet ТIR, CMR, Ex1, T1)

  • Groupage freight delivery in Russia in the shortest time on schedule routs with stated terms of arrival and a high frequecy of shipment

  • All-embracing services on customs clearance of groupage cargo